Key Facts Sheet

Home Loan Key Fact Sheets are a tool designed to give you the information you need when you’re shopping around for a home loan. With so many types of loans available they let you know what the interest rates and known fees are for a range of home loan products so you can compare apples with apples.  The fact sheets will also highlight important information such as the total amount to be paid back over the life of the loan.

What are Home Loan Key Facts Sheets?

Key Fact Sheets for home loans are one of the Australian Government’s banking reforms.

All lenders who offer standard home loans are required to make Home Loan Key Fact Sheets available on request. They provide a standardised layout of information so that you can compare and select the most appropriate home loan for you..

What information do they contain?

All Home Loan Key Fact Sheets contain the information which will allow you to compare loans side by side, so you can clearly see the difference between loans.  Information contained in the Key Fact Sheets includes:

  • Whether any one-off establishment fees apply to that loan
  • Whether there are any ongoing fees for that loan
  • What the repayments would be each month and each year
  • The total amount to be paid back over the life of the loan

The information is based on interest rates and fees and charges that apply at the date of production of the Home Loan Key Fact Sheet. The amount of repayments shown will also change if rates or fees and charges change, or if a different product, loan term or loan amount is used.

Obtain a Key Facts Sheet

The following information is required for the generation of a Key Facts Sheet. Please be aware that maximum loan amounts may apply to Keystart loans. Please refer to our Home Loan Products page for details.