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Do you qualify for a home loan?

We have some eligibility criteria for our home loans. We call this pre-qualification. This is the first step in applying for a Keystart loan.

What you need to know

  • We offer home loans with lower entry costs so we can help more Western Australians start their home ownership journey sooner.
  • Our home loans for owner-occupiers only, meaning you plan to live in your home for the duration of your loan with us.
  • Our home loans are not available if you own another home or land at the time of settlement of your Keystart loan.
  • Our home loans are for singles, couples and families who have an income within our maximum income limits.
Looking for an urban lifestyle or apartment living?

We have some criteria to meet before you can apply for a loan, so click on the button below to get started. Once complete, you can continue on to Step 2: Save yourself some time online

To proceed, please review and accept our terms and conditions and privacy policy below.

Start your pre-qualification!