Keystart Home Loan

Low deposit home loan for first home buyer and subsequent home buyer.

Income and Property Purchase Price Limits

Purchasing Income limit Property Purchase Price Caps
Metro Area $75,000 (Singles) $480,000
$95,000 (Couples)
$115,000 (Families)
Regional Areas (excluding Kimberley & Pilbara) $110,000 (Singles) $500,000
$135,000 (Couples)
$135,000 (Families)
Kimberley $120,000 (Singles) $500,000
$150,000 (Couples)
$150,000 (Families)
Pilbara $150,000 (Singles) $500,000
$180,000 (Couples)
$180,000 (Families)

Deposit and savings requirements

The amount you buy your home for The deposit required Genuine savings required
Up to $480,000 2% deposit * 1%
$480,001 - $500,000 5% deposit 1%
Term of loan 30 years
Maximum other debts My existing monthly debt repayments are less than 10% of my gross income
Lenders mortgage insurance Not required
Loan keeping fees 0%
Additional repayments Yes
Loan increases Yes
Repayment frequency Monthly
Statement frequency 6 monthly

* Higher of 2% or $2,000 is required.

Keystart Terms and Conditions, fees and charges and normal lending criteria apply.  Rates and limits stated are subject to change without notice.