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Keen to get ahead? Find out how much your home loan repayments could be and how much you could save if you make extra repayments.

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    Important information

    Calculations are estimates and provided as a guide only and do not represent a quote or pre-qualification for a loan. Applications are subject to credit approval, satisfactory security and minimum deposit requirements. If an offer is made, the specific details of your loan will be set out in your loan contract. Terms and conditions will also be set out in the loan contract.

    The calculator does not take into account your personal financial circumstances. Before you act on the results of the calculator, please consider if the results are right for you. If you need more information, please contact us. You should seek independent legal and financial advice before applying for a loan.


    • Choosing fortnightly or weekly repayments will in effect give you an extra repayment every year. The calculated monthly repayment is either halved and paid towards your loan fortnightly or quartered and paid towards your loan every week. The extra amount paid and frequency increase, reduces the loan term and total interest paid.
    • Interest rates remain the same for the term of the loan, whereas interest rates are subject to change.
    • We haven't included any fees and charges that may apply.
    • We've rounded the amounts, with most amounts rounded to the nearest dollar.
    • Repayments are payable and interest is charged monthly and on the same day. Under a loan contract, the interest calculation takes into account the actual length of each month so is slightly different.

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