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Where should I buy?

As they say, it's all about location, location, location. Here are some points for you to weigh up when deciding on where to plant your roots.

Consider your lifestyle

  • Get the feel for your potential new neighbourhood. Does it feel right for your lifestyle? If belonging to a local community is a high priority for you, check what groups and clubs are around the area. 
  • Buying your own home means making some cutbacks, you might not be heading out to dinner quite so often, but you still want to think about how you spend your downtime. What do you want nearby? Are you keen on a cafe within walking distance? Or perhaps you don't mind driving to a hub 10-20 minutes away.
  • Playtime is crucial. What parks, sports spots, or fun activities are around? Ready to make new friends? Check out local clubs or groups that match your interests—if you’re wanting to build your social circle. If you have a family, are there clubs or activities nearby that will suit your needs?

Travel time to work

This is one of the commonly overlooked considerations that we hear from new home owners.

Consider your location and your options to get to work. Is it likely to be a simple commute via car or public transport? What is your preference and tolerance for travel time. 

If you change your employer how much impact will that have on your travel time.

You might also need to consider how close (or far) you are from your favourite people. After all, a little support and social time go a long way. 

Future plans in the area

What's in store for the future? You can research the areas you're looking at to see if there are any changes, developments, or growth on the horizon. If so, how could these impact your family and property values?

By considering these factors, you can make a more informed decision on where to buy or build your home, ensuring it aligns with your family’s needs, lifestyle preferences and long-term goals.

Life's essentials

There are some essentials to consider when looking at locations. Supermarkets, chemists, healthcare centres and public transport are just a few to consider. Are there plans for new facilities? 

If you have children, or if you're considering starting a family, take a look at the availability of local daycare centres and schools—both primary and secondary school options.

Does the area provide services for your family’s healthcare needs?