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Careers at Keystart

More about working at Keystart and current career opportunities.

Keystart is a progressive, purpose driven organisation that delivers high social impact by making the dream of affordable home ownership a reality for thousands of Western Australians.

Keystart is proud of our workplace culture, and we prioritise the wellbeing and satisfaction of our people.

We believe in giving people a chance.

We find a way to help where others are not willing.

Together, we help more people achieve a once unattainable dream, the gateway to owning their own home.

We're a passionate bunch at Keystart. If you want to make a difference - we want to hear from you. We're always on the lookout for talent!


Inside Keystart

Why we're different

We're honoured to be listed on the AFR Best Places to Work List 2021. This award recognises Australian and New Zealand organisations that are pioneering new ways of working and pushing the boundaries when it comes to workplace policies and practices. In addition to joining the top 100, Keystart is named in the top 10 Best Places to Work in the Banking, Superannuation and Finance category in Australia.

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  • Keystart's continued success is dependent upon attracting and retaining talented people. A key source of this talent is derived from the graduate community. Keystart is committed to developing emerging leaders who will make a strong contribution to our future.

    Paul Graham
    Chief Executive Officer

    Our values

    We're passionate about making the dream of affordable home ownership a reality for more people. Everything we do is focused on this vision.

    How we operate

    Compassion and empathy, combined with intelligence and agile thinking create a good Keystart staff experience. This calls for a blend of sharp minds and compassionate hearts to create the best systems and outcomes. If we get that balance right, we'll be doing the best possible job for our customers and ourselves.

    We call this our Hearts and Smarts which we live and breath every day.

    The better we know our customers, the more we can help.

    The whole picture. You seek to understand the full, unique circumstances of each customer.

    Pick up where they left off. For every customer interaction, you take the time to review their history and respond to their current needs. 

    Unbiased partnering. You're holding the customers' hands and walking them through this point in their journey.

    Never give up. You're tenacious in finding solutions that could help our customers.

    We help each other to help our customers.

    Talk it out. You choose face to face communications over any other form.

    The bigger picture. You're willingly accountable for your piece of the puzzle - and have an appreciation of all other pieces.

    Supportive. You're never too busy to stop and think about the way you can help someone else.

    You deal with the realities of life. You empathise and show compassion towards your colleagues. 

    Two heads are better than one. You believe in reaching out to others for help and advice. 

    Giving thanks. You're quick to appreciate others.

    We adapt to deliver the best value for our customers.

    Nothing is impossible. You're always motivated to try better ways for our customers.

    Always be alert. You know when the impact of the change can be greater than the individual.

    Change feels good. You feel that change is a positive measure of progress.

    Endless boundaries. Our policy provides you with a starting point for delivering better value for our customers. 

    Together we are responsible for protecting our customers and Keystart.


    Conscious decision-making. Your deliberate decisions safeguard our customers.

    Stand up to make things better. You back your instincts to support someone in a moment of need.

    Own it. You're 100% committed to following through for customers. 

    Give people a chance. You always believe in people until proven otherwise.

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    Inside Keystart - Avril

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    Inside Keystart - Tenille

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    Inside Keystart - Joe


    Here at Keystart we celebrate and support inclusion, diversity and engagement. We pride ourselves on our diverse workforce and can really see every day how different perspectives and unique ways of thinking drives our progressive growth, innovation and collaboration. We genuinely encourage people from all walks of life, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people from diverse ages, culture, faiths, abilities all genders and sexuality.

    Our ways of working

    Keystart's annual operation rhythm ensures a direct link between daily activities and agreed priorities for the business - working in a truly agile way across all departments.

    Teams may have daily, weekly or fortnightly stand-ups to discuss project progress and ensure business needs and priorities are met. Keystart's culture optimises a continuous, sustainable, and rapid flow of value.

    We encourage flexible ways of working that can adapt with your day, such as our 'Dress for your Day and 'Desk for your Day' initiatives.

    We have a number of departments that make our organisation tick

    • Agility and Change

      This team is the centre of excellence for Keystart's way of working. They drive Keystart's operating rhythm and facilitate prioritisation and delivery to execute Keystart's strategic plan.

    • Business Intelligence

      The business intelligence team analyses data and provides actionable information that allows Keystart to improve its strategic decision making.

    • Executive Services

      The executive services and corporate relations team works closely with the Keystart C-Suite and executive managers, acting as their first point of contact. They liaise on Keystart’s behalf with the Minister’s office and our government stakeholders.

    • Credit Decisioning

      Our credit decisioning team review and approve applications for home loans. They’re experts in credit and lending guidelines ensuring we are responsible lenders, providing loans to people who can comfortably take on the credit.

    • Credit Management

      The credit management team offer assistance and support to customers who find themselves in financial difficulty. Coaching and helping them to find solutions through times of hardship.

    • Customer Experience

      Our customer experience team ensures Keystart customers and brokers are informed about their home loan. Building positive and informative relationships and experiences with potential and existing customers as well as third party facilitators is a key factor in their roles.

    • Finance

      The finance team keeps us on the straight and narrow. Ensuring suppliers are paid, customer transactions processed and financial reporting requirements met, as well as liaising with management to determine budget requirements and providing assistance to our internal customers.

    • ICT

      The information communication technology team work across digital development and operations projects, both for internal and external digital tools and functions.

    • Organisational Capability

      The team aims to attract, develop and grow a truly diverse group of people that are engaged, empowered and enabled. Partnering with the business on all things people – they’re tasked with making sure Keystart employees are continuously developing and feel safe and secure at work.

    • Risk and Legal

      The risk and legal team manages risk and compliance. The team's responsibilities include implementing and monitoring policies, procedures, risk assessments and making improvement suggestions to these policies.

    Careers at Keystart

    We list all our current opportunities on Seek. However, if you don't see what you're looking for there, then join our Talent Community - we'd love to hear from you!

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