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What you need to have ready

Looks like you may be eligible for a Keystart home loan! We'll be in touch to do a pre application check in shortly.

Thanks for your interest in Keystart. If you told us you'd like to get underway, we'll be in touch to find out a bit more about your income, expenses and debt. This will help us clarify if you qualify for a Keystart home loan and give you a more accurate idea of your borrowing power. 

You'll need to have a few figures ready for the call. At this stage, estimates are fine. 

We'll need the following information for each person applying for the home loan.

Basic financial information

  • We need to get a bit more information about your income. You’ll need to have your latest payslip handy.
  • We need the last financial year's taxable income figure with your current employer, this is available from your myGov account.
  • We'll need some basic figures for any debts you have, including credit cards, personal loans and car loans. You might find it helpful to have your bank statements or online banking figures handy.

If any of the following situations apply, we'll need some more information.