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Looks like you may be eligible! Here's what you need to do next.

If you've been informed that you may be eligible for a Keystart home loan and you want to start an application, you'll need to gather the following information.

We'll need some documentation

You may have already told us some information over the phone, now we need to confirm your details so that we can do an initial assessment. This information helps us to clarify the amount you’re able to borrow. It also helps us to check your situation carefully, as we want you to feel comfortable making home loan repayments without getting into financial difficulty.

We'll review everything you give us to determine if you can move to conditional approval.

We know this may feel daunting - but remember, each step may be getting you closer to home ownership! 

Need any help?

A home loan specialist will be in touch, introducing themselves to you. Your home loan specialist is available to help you if you have any questions. 

We'll need the following information for each person applying for the home loan.

Personal details

  • We'll need a completed and signed Applicant Consent Form. Your broker or Keystart home loan specialist will give you this form.

  • We'll need you to provide some identification documents. See Section 2: Identification on your Applicant Consent Form to find out what types of identification we accept.

  • We need something to show your rental history for the past six months. You can request a Tenant Ledger from your letting agent or a letter from your current landlord or registered letting agent confirming your last six months of rent payments. If you're boarding with family or friends, we'll need a letter confirming your arrangement.

Financial information

  • You'll need to provide your last month's payslips. If you have any salary sacrifice or packaging deductions, we may need further information.

  • We need to see statements or transaction listings covering the past three months on every bank and credit union transaction accounts. These statements need to show the account number for each account and your name. If you have online banking you should be able to access a report with a three-month custom date range.

  • Please provide your latest Income Statement, available from your myGov account.

  • We'll also need a copy of your latest Australian Taxation Office Notice of Assessment. This is available from your myGov account.

If any of the following situations apply, please provide us with the related documentation.