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10 tips to save on your winter bills

Roisin Broderick, Content Specialist, Keystart

01 Apr 2019 • 2 min 30 sec

With summer now a distant memory it is time to start thinking about what winter means for your expenses. Cutting down on your energy costs means that you can save for other things, like maybe a winter weekend getaway. To get on top of your winter energy bills, check out these 10 hot tips on how to save while still staying warm.

1. Chill on the heating

Try setting your thermostat to be between 18 and 20 degrees. Did you know that every degree over 20 degrees equals 10% more on your energy bill? Another tip is to adjust the thermostat of your hot water system to be 60 degrees to further increase your savings on heating.

2. Clean out

A clean or service of all your heaters can make a marked difference in their effectiveness. Wipe the dust off all surfaces and vacuum the vents to get a better performance. 

3. Layer up

Rather than relying on your heater to warm you up, why not replace it with an electric blanket or better yet just put on some more layers of clothing? On average an electric blanket uses just four cents an hour

4. Be star smart

Thinking about purchasing a new appliance? Make sure you check the energy efficiency rating. The more stars, the higher your energy savings will be. Energy Rating has a great Energy Rating Calculator on its website if you are unsure about the energy efficiency of a product.

5. Keep it short, keep it cheap

Reduce your shower time to four minutes and install a 3-star rated showerhead to reduce your water use (and bill).  A 3-star rated showerhead cuts water use by 25%. WA's Water Corporation has a Water Usage Calculator to give you more tips. 

6. Lighten your costs

Make sure that you turn off your lights when you leave a room. Also, switching out your light bulbs for LEDs can help you save on electricity. These are more efficient and will last a lot longer than your lightbulb. 

7. Unplug your appliances

Switch off your appliances at the wall when you aren’t using them. Did you know that turning off your wifi modem, games console and washing machine alone can save you around $50 a year? Next time you are about to leave the house make sure to switch off all your appliances.

8. Fix your leaky taps

A tap that leaks at a rate of one drip per second will waste over 12,000 litres of water each year. Leaks are pretty easy to fix by yourself (with some simple googling) or call a professional if you aren’t too sure about DIY.

9. Keep it cosy

Keep your doors and window curtain's drawn to keep the warmth in. Consider warming one living area only. Got any drafts coming in? A 'door snake' draft stopper can do wonders.

10. Switch to cold cycles

You would be surprised at how much power you can save by washing your clothes on a cold cycle instead of hot. 

All fired up?

Now we've got you all warmed up, why not grab yourself a warm drink and make a list of changes you can make around your home this winter. 


Keystart recommends that you seek your own independent financial advice prior to making any decisions about your financial needs. Any examples given in this post are provided for illustrative purposes only.

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