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Seven suggestions for Mother's Day that wont break the bank

Roisin Broderick, Content Specialist, Keystart

02 Apr 2019 • 2 min

With Mother’s Day this weekend (Sunday 13 May) you might be beginning the difficult task of planning the perfect gift to show your mum just how much you appreciate her. But don’t worry, we have you covered with this list of budget-friendly gift ideas for mum.

1. Take a hike

Get your mum out of the house and explore some of Perth’s best picturesque spots by foot. You might even like to make your adventure extra special by planning a picnic too. The Urbanlist has some great ideas for scenic bush walks around Perth.

2. Pamper her with a home spa

Rather than going out to a spa bring the spa to your mum by making homemade face scrubs together. Combine this with a movie marathon and some cheese and wine to make for a perfect low-key activity while you wait for your masks to dry. Marieclaire has some great face mask ideas that you might like to check out.

3. Wander at a farmers' markets

If your mother enjoys fresh local produce, why not take her to a farmers' market? Shout her a coffee and pastry while you're there. There are quite a few of these popping up around Perth and regional centres. 

4. Get crafty

Bring some supplies and organise a crafting activity for you and your mum. From soaps to herbal tea to vases, CountryLiving has a range of brilliant crafting ideas for you and your mum to take on.

5. Challenge mum with a class or workshop

Is there anything that your mum has always wanted to do but never actually tried? Learn something new with your mum by choosing a creative workshop to do with her. The Urbanlist has a few great ideas here.

6. A spot of culture

Is your mum an art enthusiast? With its unique display of artworks, the Art Gallery of Western Australia is a perfect place to take a mum that is a lover of the arts.

7. Prepare a home made meal

Organising Mother’s Day brunch can be a stressful task at times. Avoid the hassle of finding the perfect place to go out to and plan a home-cooked meal for your mum. Your mum will appreciate the special meal away from the hustle and bustle that often follows dining out.

Hopefully you'll find a unique way to make the mum in your life feel special. Happy Mother's Day! 

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