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Need some tips to tackle spring cleaning?

Nicholina Mylett, Contributing author

28 Sep 2021 • 2 mins 30 sec
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With spring well and truly here it can often feel daunting to drag your home out of winter hibernation. After the past year, we’ve had with everyone spending more time in their homes, more people than ever are feeling inspired to make improvements and tidy-ups to their homes. Now is the perfect time to give your home a freshening up for the busy spring and summer seasons! If that feels a bit overwhelming, we’ve put together some tips to make it a little easier for you.

1. Break cleaning down into chunks

To make the task of cleaning more bearable, why not break your tasks in to 10- or 15-minute chunks? Whether it be dusting, mopping the floors, or cleaning the oven. Don’t try to tackle everything in one day or weekend. Breaking it into 15-minute tasks over a longer period of time makes it more manageable, less time consuming and can end up forming a habit of cleaning for a few minutes each day. 

2. Get the household involved

This doesn’t have to be a one-person task. Get everyone involved, including the kids! Assigning them age-appropriate chores will help speed up the job and teach your little ones about responsibility and the importance of looking after your home. We love this cheat sheet of household jobs that children at different ages can do themselves.

3. Keep cleaning products to a minimum

There’s no need to spend a fortune on specific cleaning products, using what you already have at home will save you money and avoid clutter building up. 

Keystart’s Customer Relationship Officer Wendy shares her tips for cleaning and storage:

  • Mix one cup of white vinegar, one cup of water and three drops of washing liquid in a spray bottle to make homemade glass cleaner - say goodbye to streaky windows!
  • Line the top of your kitchen cupboards with kitchen roll to soak up any grease and dust that may be hiding up there. Easier to clean next spring too.
  • Fold sheets, duvets and one pillowcase and place it inside a second pillowcase for compact, tidy storage.

4. Create a checklist

It’s always helpful to create a list of jobs that need to be completed for spring cleaning. This ensures you don’t forget anything, and you have a visual plan of what needs to be done. Is there anything more satisfying than ticking off jobs on a to-do list? There are plenty of downloadable checklists available online.

5. Take the cleaning outside

There are many outdoor chores that need to be completed in preparation for the warmer weather. Don’t forget to clean the grill so you’re ready for barbeque season or prune the garden so it’s ready for guests. Think of your garden and patio as an extension of your living space which needs to be looked after as well as the inside of your home.

6. Dance it out!

Blast your favourite tunes that will get you in the mood to move. As they say, time flies when you’re having fun. The Keystart team has created a Spotify with some of our favourite songs to get you in the mood to dance (and spring clean!)

Our Keystart team's spring cleaning Spotify playlist!

Keystart Spotify playlist

Happy cleaning!

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