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Want to head out for Father's Day?

Roisin Broderick, Content Specialist, Keystart

26 Aug 2020 • 2 mins
Father and baby in car

If you’re a dad, have a dad or are about to become a dad, you may like to celebrate Father’s Day which is coming up on Sunday 6 September.

You don’t need to break the bank to celebrate. Why not be a tourist in your own town and help Dad enjoy what Perth has to offer. Enjoy! 

Bushwalk in Kings Park

Did you know that Kings Park is supposedly the largest park on the Earth? Even larger than Central Park in New York? It’s an immense native park studded with trees that live for 2000 years, a suspended bridge and dense wildflower carpets in the heart of the city. There are plenty of spaces with BBQs and cafes on offer. Read more about Kings Park.

Head to the one of Perth’s many beaches

With a metropolitan coastline stretching some 123 kilometres, Perth has no shortage of beaches. Western Australia’s long, wide, clean stretches live up to their reputation as some of the world’s most eye-catching. Pack a picnic and enjoy a sunset for dad's big day.

Enjoy the view at Elizabeth Quay

Still a relatively new way to enjoy our Swan River, head to Elizabeth Quay for the island playground, the water park, public artwork, promenades, open spaces and a range of bars and restaurants - or just grab an icecream or a coffee in this gorgeous setting.

Connect at Yagan Square

Did you know that Yagan Square is named after the Nyoongar warrior leader Yagan and this is it’s the first large-scale public space to be named after a historic aboriginal figure? This is important to both the Aboriginal community and Australian history. The design of the Square is a celebration of Yagan's culture. The building’s layered façade matches the Red Tail Black Cockatoo feather of Yagan’s headband and includes black granite, zinc quartz and other natural elements. Visit Yagan Square.

Wander around Fremantle

It’s not just a football team it’s a destination! Against a backdrop of the best-preserved 19th century port streetscape in the world, a day out in Fremantle is an eclectic and eccentric blend of fabulous food, handcrafted beers, great coffee, quirky boutiques and a lively music, arts and festival scene. The Fremantle markets is also a great place to visit.

Happy Father's Day!  

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