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Is a Keystart loan right for you?

We're not like other lenders.

We're here to help you get started

We offer a different kind of home loan at Keystart. We're committed to providing an affordable pathway into home ownership. All Keystart loans have lower entry costs, with our low deposit requirement and no lender's mortgage insurance, so you can get into your own home sooner.

We encourage you to move on to another lender when you're ready

  • As a Keystart customer, you'll have access to our app to help you track your estimated property value and your loan balance so you'll know when you're ready to move on. 

Understanding our interest rate

  • We don't have the lowest interest rate on the market. Interest rates vary a lot between lenders and between different home loan products.
  • You may see an advertised rate below our rate, but it's important to do some research so you can weigh up your options carefully.
  • It may be that a lower rate is only available for those with a higher deposit, or may only apply for an introductory period.  

Who is Keystart?

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We believe affordable home ownership should be available to everyone. That's why at Keystart, our loans have lower entry costs so you can get into your own home sooner, with a low deposit and with no lender's mortgage insurance, potentially saving you thousands.

We offer a variety of home loans, designed to support different households and types of homes. We have options for full ownership or shared ownership. 

We'll help you consider which type of loan best suits you, depending on the size of your household, your level of income, and your existing financial commitments.

You can also compare our home loans here.