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Managing your home loan

For most of us, a home loan is a long term arrangement. That doesn't mean it is a set and forget. Once you have your loan up and running, there are several things you need to be aware of in order to get the best out of it.


When you start your loan you are advised of the minimum monthly repayment that you must pay to meet the terms of your loan. If our interest rates change, you are advised of any change to this minimum monthly repayment amount.

Provided the minimum repayments are met, your loan repayments can be altered at any time to suit your needs.

  • You can make your payment a fortnightly or weekly payment. Over time this will help you pay off your home loan faster. See what difference this can make on our repayment calculator.
  • If you can afford to increase your repayment amount, you will be in an 'advance position' on your loan. This amount will be shown in your Client Portal.

Repayment calculator tool

To change your repayments, you can get in touch or update your details on the Client Portal.

Redraws and deferring payments

We have a different process for redraws and deferring home loan payments.

Redrawing and deferring payments 

Loan conditions 

Under the terms and conditions of the Offer to Borrow and the Keystart mortgage, you are required to occupy the property as an owner-occupier, that is you must be living in your home as your principal place of residence. Homes can only be rented with Keystart’s permission and are considered on a case-by-case basis.  

First Home Owner Grant requirements

If you received the First Home Owner Grant, you need to be aware of the requirements that apply. You can read more at the Department of Finance website.

Department of Finance

Loan increases

If you have an existing Keystart home loan you may be able to borrow additional funds to help renovate or redecorate your home or for another worthwhile purpose. If you have a shared ownership loan, loan increases can only be provided for the purpose of purchasing additional shares from the Housing Authority.

To discuss your options and determine your eligibility, please contact us.

Build your knowledge

If you would like to learn more about your loan, refinancing, equity and more, we have a wealth of resources, guides and articles to help you get started.

Guides and tips

Make a plan

Home ownership is a long term goal. You may find it worthwhile making a three to five-year plan for your home loan, whether you are just starting out or if you are considering refinancing your loan. Take some time to consider your options.

Keystart is a transitional lender. We kick-start your journey into home ownership with our low deposit home loans. We also encourage you to move to another lender when you are ready. Once you begin to build some equity in your home, you may be able to get a better deal from another lender. This may include a better interest rate, offset account or other facilities that you can't get with Keystart.

Refinancing my home loan

What is equity and why is it important

What is transitional finance?

Keystart recommends that you seek your own independent financial advice prior to making any decisions about your financial needs. 


We're dedicated to constantly improving our customers' experience. We welcome your comments, suggestions and feedback. We'd love to hear what you think we do well and what you think we could do better. Your point of view is important to us and we do read every response we receive.

You can contact Keystart to provide feedback here.

Need some help?

We take your financial concerns seriously. Learn more about our customer assistance program and how Keystart can support you when you need it most.

Financial difficulty

Get in touch

If you would like to get in touch, call us on 1300 578 278, Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm. You can also email We're here to help.

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