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All about our app

Download our new app today and move on with your home loan sooner. Note: Keystart Client Portal is closing in mid-June. All the features in the portal are now available in the Keystart app, plus a lot more.

Get our app and move on with your home loan sooner.


The new Keystart app allows you to check in on your home's estimated value and your loan balance. The app helps you see when you may be able to refinance - and move on to another lender who may offer lower interest rates and other benefits.

You can also:

  • check your transactions,
  • set up additional payments easily and securely,
  • get reminders of upcoming payments and statements, and
  • access financial resources and tips to put you in control of your home loan.

Our mobile application makes use of an extra layer of advanced security controls with improved monitoring and threat detection.

Access to the app depends on your loan type. Get in touch if you need help to get started or if you have any questions.

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Our app competition is now closed. Congratulations to our winner. 


See what our app can do.

Questions about our app

  • Q Why is there a high and a low value for my home's estimated value?

    Equity estimator insights derived by Keystart are based on CoreLogic® Data. The equity estimator is an automated estimate calculated monthly and is based on home values of a similar size in a similar area. The estimates include a value range from a low value to a high value with a confidence rating. The estimated home value may not match the value that a professional valuer or property appraiser would give to your home. Find out more in our terms and conditions

  • Q Will I be notified if the additional direct debit payment or once-off payment I created in the Keystart app has been successful?

    Your new payment will appear in the Upcoming payments section on the My loan page. If you have notifications enabled, you’ll also receive a payment reminder notification 24 hours prior to your scheduled direct debit payment. We highly recommend enabling the notifications so that you don’t miss out on important announcements and payment reminders.

  • Q How can I check my home loan details in the Keystart app?

    You can check all your home loan details, including your loan balance, transactions, and upcoming payments in the My loan section of the app. 

  • Q How do I change my Keystart app login details?

    To change your login details, tap on the More icon and Login settings when you’re in the app. You can choose to change your existing password, PIN code and you can enable or disable biometric login. Please note that if you decide to remove PIN login, biometric login will be automatically disabled. 

  • Q Who can access and manage my account?

    Only the people named on the account have account access. If there are multiple applicants stated under one loan account and if both applicants like to have access to the app, you’ll need to register separately using your own mobile number on separate devices. 

  • Q What devices can I use the Keystart app on?

    For Apple users, the Keystart app is available on devices running iOS 13 or above. 

    For Android users, the Keystart app is available on Android 10 or above. 

    We recommend updating your device operating system, as well as the Keystart app regularly. You can turn on automatic updates so you’re always up to date. If your device does not support an upgrade to at least iOS 13 or Android 10, you won’t be able to access the app. 

  • Q I'm having problems registering for the app.

    To be able to register for the app, we’ll need to have your email address and mobile number on our system. If you applied as a couple, we’ll need to have an email address and mobile number for each of you. It's a great idea for each of you to have the app.

    If you're having problems registering it may be that you have a loan product that isn't available on the app - or it may be that we need some more information from you.

    You can give us a call on 1300 578 278 and we’ll help you get started. 

  • Q Why is there no estimated property value showing up for me?

    If you don’t see an estimated property value in the app, this is due to a lack of comparable home sales in your area. This may change over time. 

  • Q I can't access the app - what should I do?

    You may find it helpful to delete the app from your device and then reinstall it from your app store. If the problem persists, get in touch with us. Please keep in mind that the app may not work if you have an older model device. You may also want to check if there’s a new system update available for your device. 

    If you can’t register for the app, this may be due to your loan type, or we may need some more information from you. Please get in touch with us to see if we can help you get started.

  • Q What is the Keystart app for?

    The Keystart app is designed to help you take control of your home loan by showing you the estimated value of your property and your loan balance, so you'll know when it's time to refinance and move on to another lender. 

    The app also allows you to:

    • check your transactions,
    • make additional payments easily and securely,
    • edit direct debits,
    • get reminders of upcoming payments and statements, and
    • access financial resources and tips.

    This app is for Keystart customers only.