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Is Keystart right for you?

Keystart aims to make the dream of affordable home ownership a reality for more people. Our low deposit home loans have provided an attainable pathway into home ownership for more than 100,000 Western Australians.  

Our program is designed to help people get in to home ownership earlier by lowering the upfront costs rather than offering the lowest interest rate on the market.

Low deposit

We provide a variety of low deposit home loan options for both first and subsequent homebuyers. Keystart's standard home loan has a 2% deposit requirement*. With a low deposit, you are able to reach your home ownership dream sooner.  

Other Keystart benefits

  • Keystart does not charge lender's mortgage insurance saving you thousands
  • No monthly account keeping fees
  • Support when you need it

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* The level of deposit required is dependent on the location and purchase price of the property.