Goodstart Home Loan

Assist Housing Authority tenants to break the rent cycle and transition into home ownership. For first home buyer and subsequent home buyer.

Shared Ownership
Deposit 2% deposit *
Term of Loan 30 years
Maximum property value As determined by Housing Authority (above 26th parallel - applicants must work, purchase and live in these locations)
Maximum Housing Authority equity share Up to 40% or a maximum of $150,000
Maximum qualifying income  
Singles $70,000
Couples / Families $90,000
Above the 26th Parallel $110,000
Maximum other debts My existing monthly debt repayments are less than 10% of my gross income
Lenders mortgage insurance Not required
Loan keeping fees $0
Additional repayments Yes
Loan increases To purchase additional Housing Authority shares
Repayment frequency Monthly
Statement frequency 6 Monthly

* Higher of 2% or $2,000 is required.

Keystart Terms and Conditions, fees and charges and normal lending criteria apply. Rates and limits stated are subject to change without notice.