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Selling your shared ownership home

There may come a time when you want to sell your home. If you have a shared ownership home loan, the process for selling is different as there are two owners for your home, you and the Housing Authority. We’ve put together a guide to help you prepare.

Do you have a fixed or flexible shared ownership home loan?

Flexible shared ownership loan

If you have a flexible shared ownership loan and the Housing Authority still has a share of your home, as co-owner, it has the first right of refusal to buy your home from you at the current value of your shares.

If the Housing Authority decides not to buy your home, you can follow the below steps to sell your home on the open market.

Fixed shared ownership loan

If you have a fixed shared ownership loan, you’ll only be able to sell your shares in your home back to the Housing Authority.

You can determine the type of shared ownership loan you have within the Keystart app on the Home screen.

Steps to selling your shared ownership home

1. Notice of Intent

If you're ready to sell your shared ownership home, the first step is to complete a Notice of Intent form, this form includes an Owner Improvement Checklist and Change of Name form. You can request these forms by emailing or calling 1300 578 278. Return the completed documents to

Read Improvements to your shared ownership home for more information on the Owner Improvement Checklist.

We will review your Notice of Intent form to ensure it has been completed correctly. If there is information missing, we'll be in touch to let you know what's required.

2. Valuation

Next, we need a valuation of your home. The valuation fee is required to be paid upfront. The minimum cost of your share of the valuation is $250. If the cost exceeds this amount, we'll cover up to $400, and any remaining balance should be covered by you. Detailed information regarding the amount needed for the property valuation and payment instructions can be found in the Notice of Intent covering letter. 

Once you've paid the valuation fee, we’ll arrange an independent valuation of your home. We use this valuation to calculate the value of the Housing Authority's share of your home in the current market. The valuation will remain in place for four months.  

To ensure a fair valuation for all parties, we use independent, qualified property valuers. The valuer will contact you directly to arrange a suitable time to inspect the property. They'll contact you within two working days of receiving the valuation request from us.

While the valuation report is not provided to you, it is used to create your Quote Statement.

Read more about the valuation process. 

3. Property is offered to the Housing Authority

Once all required information has been received, we'll notify the Housing Authority of your intention to sell while simultaneously initiating the valuation process.

The Housing Authority will assess the request based on the initial review of the property's location, size, and condition based on the information at hand. If the property meets the initial criteria, they may contact you to schedule a property inspection. 

The valuation report is provided to the Housing Authority acquisitions team to finalise their decision on the property buyback. If the Housing Authority decline to purchase, a Consent to Sell letter along with a Quote Statement is issued.  

If the Housing Authority decide to purchase your home, there is a step-by-step guide for this process.

4. Your Quote Statement

The Quote Statement provides you with a breakdown of:

  • the valuation amount, shown as market value
  • the value of any home improvements, or the cost of any maintenance issues,
  • the value of the Housing Authority’s share, 
  • the balance required to pay out your Keystart loan, and 
  • an estimate of the fees and charges involved in the sale (excluding any real estate fees, settlement agent fees or outstanding water or shire rates).

The Quote Statement gives you an estimation of the amount the Housing Authority will ask from your settlement agent at settlement, based on the valuation of the property. If the property sells for more than the valuation, a new quote statement will be issued as the Housing Authority's share is based on the higher of the sale price or valuation.

It can take 3-4 weeks to generate your Quote Statement as we need to liaise with the valuer and the Housing Authority.

5. Choosing a real estate agent

After receiving your Quote Statement and Consent to Sell letter, you can begin the process of listing your home on the open market with a real estate agent of your choice. 

6 tips to help you find the right agent

6. Listing Agreement

Your appointed real estate agent will prepare a Listing Agreement, which is a mutual agreement outlining the terms by which you want the agent to market and sell the property on your behalf. 

There are a few points to consider with a Listing Agreement.

Setting a selling price

Make sure the price you set for selling your home covers the balance required amount shown in your Quote Statement and any other costs associated with selling a home such as your real estate agent’s fee, marketing fees, and settlement agent charges.

If your real estate agent suggests a sale price that is less than the amount required to cover these costs, this may result in a shortfall. When a shortfall occurs, you’ll need to find funds from elsewhere to cover this amount. If funds cannot be sourced contact us to discuss further.

If you decide to sell for less a Statutory Declaration must be completed. You can choose to stop the sale process at this point if you wish and wait for your equity to increase.

Housing Authority's involvement

The Housing Authority covers a portion of your real estate agent's commission, based on the shares it has in your home. For instance, if the Housing Authority owns 30% of your home, it will fund 30% of the cost of your agent's commission.

However, if you've agreed to pay a commission exceeding 4%, you are responsible for covering the additional cost.

Any marketing strategies you agree for the real estate agent to use to help sell the property are at your own expense. Housing Authority do not contribute to these.

Before your agent can post the listing, we are obligated to co-sign the real estate agent's listing agreement on behalf of the Housing Authority. The prepared listing agreement needs to be sent to us at for co-signing, and this may take 7-10 working days.

7. Offer and Acceptance

The offer and all supporting documents, including the electrical safety certificate, can be emailed to prior to the valuation expiry date on the Consent to Sell letter.

We will co-sign the offer on behalf of the Housing Authority, this can take 7 - 10 working days.

If the property is sold for more than the valuation an updated quote will be issued, calculating the share on the higher amount.

8. Mortgage Discharge Request

Once an offer has been accepted on your property, it's mandatory to complete and submit a Mortgage Discharge Request. This request must be submitted at least 10 working days before settlement.

The Housing Authority will issue documents for you to sign and request an electrical safety certificate to be provided that is no older than 12 months.

9. Settlement

After receiving the offer from the Housing Authority, you need to appoint your own settlement agent to act on your behalf. Your settlement agent will be responsible for preparing the necessary documents and ensuring sufficient funds are available to hand over at settlement and to disburse any surplus funds. In the event of a shortfall of funds at settlement, contact us urgently to discuss.

Your chosen settlement agent will arrange a settlement date with our settlement agent, Housing Authority when both parties are ready.

10. Loan finalisation

Once settlement has occurred, the settlement funds will be deposited into your Keystart account. We'll arrange to cancel any direct debit arrangements in place, refund any surplus funds and issue a letter and a final statement confirming your Keystart loan is now finalised.

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