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Innovative program for Keystart customers receives national recognition

Roisin Broderick, Content Specialist, Keystart

17 May 2024 • 2 mins
Coaches and Keystart team

Keystart is pleased to announce our one-of-its-kind financial coaching program, delivered in partnership with Financial Wellbeing Collective, has been recognised nationally when it took out the 2024 Advancing Equity Shared Value Award in May.

The financial coaching program demonstrated it achieves equitable outcomes and meaningful social impact that outshone tough nominations from organisations including Optus and AIA Australia.

The Financial Wellbeing Collective, charged with addressing the drivers and impacts of financial hardship, and Keystart, have partnered since 2019 to deliver the innovative financial coaching program that helps to break down barriers to financial stability and resilience.

Through the co-designed program, Keystart customers are offered one-on-one financial coaching sessions that address behavioural economics and decision making while providing tools and strategies to help the transitional home loan lender's customers achieve their financial goals.

The early intervention program aims to build financial resilience by giving our customers a safe space to explore their relationship with money, recognise risks, identify goals and work towards securing their financial future.

Financial Wellbeing Collective General Manager Helena Jakupovic says the essence of its financial coaching lies in the transformation of a participant's perspective on money, achieved through active behavioural change.

"Behind everyone's money mindset are attitudes and a core belief system that underpins our relationship with money. It influences the way we spend and save money, and the way we manage our debt," says Ms Jakupovic.

"Our financial coaches help individuals unlock their money mindset empowering them with awareness and tools to change their money behaviours. It's a truly transformational process.

With a customer net promoter score of 98, Keystart Chief Operating Officer Lindsay O'Sullivan says the program is delivering real impacts in strengthening financial resilience and wellbeing and helping clients achieve goals.

"Keystart is extremely proud of this recognition and of our partnership with the Financial Wellbeing Collective.

"While we help lower the barriers into home ownership, we are just as interested in making sure our customers are set up for success. The financial coaching service is a big investment for us, but the positive impact it has on sustainable home ownership, and the feedback we get from our customers on the service make it worth the investment," says Mr O'Sullivan.

"To give some sense of the impacts, our customers more often than not describe it as life-changing."

Financial Coach Dee O'Callaghan says on starting the program, many customers don't realise their relationship with money can be intrinsically linked to their self-worth, upbringing and relationships with others.

 "Through the coaching process, a customer I recently assisted was able to improve her confidence and self-perception enough to implement boundaries in close relationships which directly resulted in her clearing $6,000 of buy now pay later debts.

"By her sixth coaching session, she had transitioned her home loan from Keystart, got a pay rise and was seeking a new job. She had also started a side hustle and was no longer using buy now pay later schemes.

"The benefits of financial coaching transcend beyond finances and into all areas of one's life," says Ms O'Callaghan.

Ms Jakupovic says working with a forward-thinking organisation like Keystart who see the value in building financial resilience and literacy is a refreshing experience.

"Together with Keystart, we are working to break down the barriers to financial stability in Western Australia and it is wonderful this important work is being recognised nationally."

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Keystart recommends that you seek your own independent financial advice prior to making any decisions about your financial needs. Any examples given in this post are provided for illustrative purposes only.