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Try our free financial wellbeing coaching to reach your goals

Want to feel more comfortable with your financial goals?

Whether your goal is refinancing your home loan; having money put aside for next Christmas; or even that holiday you've been planning, our free financial coaching service can help you get there. 

The sessions are led by independent financial coaches from our partner Financial Wellbeing Collective. The sessions are confidential conversations and you decide what you want to share, so you don't need to disclose any financial details or bank statements if you're not comfortable. There may be some simple things you can change to make a huge difference to your finances. Sometimes it's just a matter of having the time and space to think things through.

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How it works in a snapshot

Financial coaching will help you:

  • review where you're at and
  • think about where you want to go,
  • set up a plan to get you there.

* ANZ Financial Wellbeing Indicator

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What financial coaching is...

  • Keystart's financial coaching is offered as six one-on-one online video sessions with your dedicated coach. You can do the sessions in your own home. The sessions can be for couples or individuals and can be done over the phone if you prefer.

  • The service is free for eligible Keystart customers. We're offering this service to help our customers succeed.

  • The sessions are run in a conversational style, with the coaches asking you questions and sharing some activities to uncover your own behaviours and mindset towards your personal finances.

  • The coaches offer non-judgemental support tailored to your specific situation and will help you create your plan, usually made up of small, achievable steps.

  • Your sessions are completely confidential. The conversations you have are not reported back to Keystart. The coaches are independent from Keystart and work for the Financial Wellbeing Collective.

.... and what it's not

  • This is not about budgets, unless you want it to be. You do not need to disclose any financial details or bank statements if you are not comfortable doing so. 

  • The service is not all about your home loan. The coaches will look at your financial situation as a whole, so you get to look at the big picture.

  • This is not a financial planning service. The coaches are not financial planners so they won’t be recommending products or giving you financial advice. They're qualified financial coaches and work instead on sharing tools and plans so you come out with a clearer picture of where you want to go. 


"I'm so much better at managing our money now. I know exactly what I need to do and more importantly why. I didn't realise how much the finances were really stressing me out, or that it could be so easy to get it right. It has improved our whole relationship. Thank you."
Keystart customer and financial coaching participant


This service has been developed in partnership with Anglicare WA and the Financial Wellbeing Collective.

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