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Get our app to track your home loan progress

The Keystart app allows you to check in on your home's estimated value and your loan balance. The app shows you how you are tracking and when you may be able to refinance - and move on to another lender who may offer lower interest rates and other benefits.

When the time comes, your home loan journey will continue without us.

You can also use the app to:

  • check your transactions,
  • set up additional payments easily and securely,
  • get reminders of upcoming payments and statements, and
  • access financial resources and tips to put you in control of your home loan.

Track your home loan progress.

Check in on your home's estimated value and your loan balance so you know exactly when to refinance and move on to another lender. 

Set your financial goals and see how to get there

Your home loan is just one part of your financial life, and your financial wellbeing is a key part of your overall wellbeing.

We know you have lots of goals other than managing your home loan. Our financial wellbeing coaching service helps you work out what your goals look like - and you can work with a qualified, independent coach on how you reach those goals in achievable, bite-sized and often life-changing steps. 

This service is completely confidential and free to eligible Keystart customers. 

Learn more.