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Your 12 month checklist

Take a moment to check everything is up to date with your Keystart home loan.

We've prepared a quick checklist for you to make sure your house is in order and all your Keystart requirements are complete. If you have any questions about how your loan works or about Keystart, we're here to help.

1. Download and register for Keystart app

The new Keystart app allows you to check in on your home's estimated value and your loan balance. The app helps you see when you may be able to refinance - and move on to another lender who may offer lower interest rates and other benefits. It's a breakup for the best, we promise. When the time comes, your home loan journey will continue without us.

You can also:

  • check your transactions,
  • set up additional payments easily and securely,
  • get reminders of upcoming payments and statements, and
  • access financial resources and tips to put you in control of your home loan.

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See what our app can do.

2. How's your financial wellbeing?

Home ownership is a journey and like any journey - there can be unexpected ups and downs along the way. Checking in on your financial wellbeing regularly can provide incredible insight into how you feel about money and can set you up for success.

  • We have created two interactive financial wellbeing tools that we encourage you to use - they a fun, quick way to reflect on how you are feeling.
  • We also offer a free, confidential financial wellbeing service that participants have found to be very valuable. Find out more.

Try our two new financial wellbeing quizzes

Get a big-picture look at your wellbeing or find out how your attitudes and beliefs impact your financial behavior.


3. Have your contact details changed?

Have any of your personal details changed? Do you have a new mobile number or email address? It's important to keep your contact details up to date. You can update these yourself in the app or get in touch, so we can stay in touch!

4. Keep your building or home insurance up to date

We're sure you understand the importance of home insurance to protect if something happens to your home. If you have a home loan with Keystart, it is a requirement that your property must be adequately covered with building insurance. Be sure to always keep your building insurance up to date.

5. Have you considered paying more than your minimum monthly payment?

Making payments fortnightly or even weekly can help pay off your loan faster. You can change your payment frequency in the app.

You might also want to consider if you can pay any more than the minimum payment on your loan. If you head to Make an additional payment in the app to see the impact of a payment before you commit to it. You might be surprised at what difference you can make to the life of your loan by paying an additional repayment amount each payment. Check the app or try our repayment calculator. 

Repayment calculator

If you have a shared ownership home loan, you may want to consider increasing your share of the home loan, when you are in a position to do so. If you'd like to increase your share, get in touch.

6. Have your circumstances changed?

Has your employment or relationship changed in a way that would impact your ability to make your loan repayments? Contact us early to discuss your situation and we can provide options.

Financial difficulty


Get in touch

If you would like to get in touch, call us on 1300 578 278, Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm. You can also email We're here to help.

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Need any help?

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  • Get help with your home loan

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    Learn how to better manage the impact of home loan repayments with our helpful budgeting guide and tools.

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